The Residence at Brookside

Avon, CT

Located in the lush Central Connecticut countryside, this 74 unit senior living community offers a classic country aesthetic for those seeking independent, assisted living or memory care. The design reflects the unique character of the community, and artfully integrates various program elements to keep residents active and engaged. This innovative approach provides sequenced destinations to encourage movement and creates a richer architecture experience. Supportive of a lifestyle that exudes sophistication and comfort, the interiors boast custom millwork, natural stone, wood beams and decorative wall coverings in a colors and textures that are both familiar and welcoming. Amenities include an open concept pub adjacent to a large living area, light-filled activity space, library and a dining café with stone wall and fireplace.



    Interior Design

  • TYPE

    Assisted Living

    New Construction

    LCB Senior Living
  • SIZE
    65,000 sf
    Completed in 2015