The Residence at Five Corners

Easton, MA

This elegant 84 unit senior living environment is situated in the heart of quaint Easton, on a beautifully landscaped campus within close proximity to cultural and recreational attractions. The architecture and interior spaces reflect the traditional and time-honored aesthetic of the community. The environment is both welcoming and uplifting, enhanced by a color palette emphasizing warm whites and deep chocolate hues with contrasting elements of tangerine and warm greys. The design provides residents with integrated amenity spaces that promote interactivity, creativity, wellness and independence, including an on-site gourmet restaurant, living rooms, library, media room, activity room, and outdoor seating and walking paths.



    Interior Design

  • TYPE

    Assisted Living

    New Construction

    LCB Senior Living
  • SIZE
    80,000 sf
    Completed in 2015