The Archer Residences

Boston, MA

The Archer Residences combines two existing buildings, The Archer and The Donahue – both of which formerly served as classroom and administrative offices for Suffolk University. The Archer building, the original Suffolk University School of Law, with its cast-cement decorative panels, is evocative of the Classical Revival architectural style popular at its time of construction in the 1920s. The Donahue showcases the minimal nature of Mid-century Modern design, with broad expanses of brick, accented with ribbon windows. Conjoining the buildings into one structure and adding a penthouse level will result in 172,000 square feet of residential space, with 71 condominium units. The new building is designed to achieve LEED Gold and Energy Star Certification.

The Archer building features recast decorative panels and historically-accurate replacement windows, as the originals had deteriorated beyond repair. The Donahue incorporates street-level access to residential units, accented with bronze and granite, taking inspiration from surrounding residences. Thoughtful design attention has been given to the arrangement, texture, material, and color of the architectural features and The Archer’s relationship to its surroundings. Unique to Boston’s historic Beacon Hill neighborhood, the scope includes below-grade parking and a rooftop terrace.

Interiors in collaboration with LDa.



  • TYPE

    Historic Preservation | Restoration + Adaptive Reuse


    JDMD Owner, LLC
  • SIZE
    172,000 sf
    Under Construction