Mason Square Apartments II at Indian Motorcycle

Springfield, MA

Located in the McKnight National Historic District of Springfield, Massachusetts, Mason Square Apartments II at Indian Motorcycle is the historic adaptive reuse of an existing 55,000 square foot factory building and adjacent 15,000 square foot firehouse into a mixed-use office and multifamily community. Originally built in 1882 for the Bullard Repeating Arms Company, the factory underwent a series of alterations and uses. In 1901, Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company completed a two-story addition to the original building, and as the company grew to be the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world, several further additions were made as the factory expanded.

The firm’s transformation of the historic structure involves the creation of 45 units, the redesign of the State Street entrance, complete renovation of the interior office space, window and roof replacements, along with basement waterproofing and HVAC improvements. Complicating the restoration process, the design team was tasked with eradicating oil that saturated the heavy timber construction and brick masonry from the production of motorcycles. The team’s sensitive design approach preserves the historic details of the factory, highlighting the different time periods during which it was initially constructed and later expanded. The project includes the historic rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the neighboring firehouse into 15 additional units and the design of an onsite Indian Motorcycle Museum commemorating the building’s storied history.



    Interior Design

  • TYPE

    Historic Preservation | Restoration + Adaptive Reuse

    Hospitality + Mixed-Use


    First Resource Company
  • SIZE
    70,000 sf
    Completed in 2020

    Paul & Niki Tsongas Award
    Preservation Massachusetts