Lincoln Wharf

Boston, MA

The restoration of the former Lincoln Wharf into San Marco represents one of the nation’s only renovation and adaptive reuse of a major electrical power plant for residential use at the time. Conversion of the windowless 150 foot cube-shaped brick envelope into a luxury residential condominium building required extensive interior demolition of existing steel structure, coal bins, and electrical generation equipment. The controlled explosive demolition of a large smoke stack was also required. Once the selective demolition was complete, the design called for the insertion of 13 new floors within the brick shell on 12,000 existing wood piles. The floor plan was organized around a new atrium to provide light, air, and views to internally situated units and to create an exciting entry space for the building as a whole. The interior atrium reduced the immense depth-of-building issue presented by the building’s original footprint, transforming it into an attractive waterfront asset.



  • TYPE

    Historic Preservation | Restoration + Adaptive Reuse


    San Marco Non-Profit Corporation
  • SIZE
    292,500 sf
    Completed in 1987