Laurelwood at the Pinehills

Plymouth, MA

Laurelwood is a distinctively long and narrow property which required an innovative multi-level design, resulting in a delightfully atypical community that allows for complete enjoyment of the surrounding wooded vistas. The inventive design produced widely varied apartment layouts and amenity spaces – an uncommon feature in traditional assisted living environments – but very much valued by residents who enjoy creating spaces that are uniquely their own. Stylish respite apartments are also available, adding to the comfort and convenience of residents’ families.

Nestled in the charming community of The Pinehills, Laurelwood residents are encouraged to remain active in mind, body and spirit in this beautifully appointed, coastal New England style residence. An artfully landscaped patio complete with a fireplace, water fountains, shaded and open-air spaces is ideal for entertaining family and friends. Inside, the grand common areas feature privacy nooks, seating areas convened around fireplaces, and flexible boutique-styled furnishings which allow for easy reconfiguration. A tavern, café, restaurant and private patios have been incorporated to expand personal choice and preference. Walking paths offer easy access to the world’s third largest pine ecosystem, neighboring the property.



    Interior Design

  • TYPE

    Assisted Living

    New Construction

    Northbridge Companies, Inc.
  • SIZE
    77,000 sf
    Completed in 2015

    Senior Living By Design Award