Bristol Commons + Lenox Green

Taunton, MA

Formerly known as Fairfax Gardens, and among one of only eight multifamily housing developments in the nation to receive HOPE VI Revitalization funding in 2011—the public-private development team transformed this distressed and obsolete public housing site into a new vibrant and environmentally sustainable neighborhood, igniting reinvestment in the surrounding community. The development is Enterprise Green Communities (EGC) and Energy Star Homes Certified and includes practices common to Passive House Design.

The master plan focused on creating pedestrian-scaled streets that successfully knit the development back into the surrounding community, creating new physical and social connections to the broader neighborhood. The buildings are designed to complement the scale and architectural vernacular of the surrounding site. The range of building façades, rooflines and colors are purposely integrated to express the individuality of each unit and prevent the uniformity that characterized the original development. Entry porches are an important feature, contributing to the neighborhood character and promoting a sense of public safety.

The design solution included situating a new community building as the focal point of the entrance – offering day care, after school programs, and community space. A network of outdoor spaces is highlighted by a central green and playground, promoting social connectedness, and community garden that anchors the west end of the green. The project, situated on a 43-acre site, offers 88 New England-style multifamily townhome and duplex units. In addition, a new 72 unit mixed income rental development was constructed on a separate 6.4-acre Taunton site now known as Lenox Green. The project employed smart growth design principals and successfully increased density – a key objective of the development.



    Master Planning

  • TYPE


    New Construction

    Trinity Financial and Taunton Housing Authority
  • SIZE
    201,383 sf
    Completed in 2014

    Vanguard Award
    National Affordable Housing Management Association